Chapter 1: The Most Coveted Job in the World
Chapter 2: A Change in Responsibilities
Chapter 3: Every Captain Must Have His Mother Brain
Chapter 4: Enter Captain Nintendo
Chapter 5: Captain Nintendo Lives
Chapter 6: The Captain Goes Hollywood
Chapter 7: The Real Power Behind Captain Nintendo
Chapter 8: New Worlds to Conquer and a New Superpower!
Chapter 9: The Last Adventure

In September 2005, a man who chose to remain anonymous to the public contacted me. He asked to be called “Captain.”

Captain chose this site to publish his saga as a former Nintendo Power editor. We first threw around the idea of doing a single lengthy interview. However, given the scope and the many wild experiences that Captain wished to share with the gaming world, we instead worked out an arrangement for him to write nine chapters in a memoir format.

I hope that you find these stories as captivating as I do.

Chapter 1: The Most Coveted Job in the World