Space Mountain

I have a sensitive stomach. I tend to stay away from fast thrill rides. I well know my limits! During my last visit to Disney, however, I was feeling a dash of bravado and my more daring self came out; I decided to tackle Space Mountain. I can't really describe too much of the attraction's interior-- my head was at my knees most of the time, especially during the turns--but what I can tell you is that it's awfully dark. I only caught fleeting glimpses of a star or two once or twice.

Space Mountain tries to recreate the feeling of being blasted through pitch black space, tossing and turning at every twist. It's by far the most wild ride in the Magic Kingdom, even if the "space rockets" technically only go about 20 miles per hour.

I stumbled around when I got off the ride on my way outside. I was man enough to confront Space Mountain once, but never again. In space, no one can hear you scream. On that fateful day at Tomorrowland, though, there wasn't anyone within range who couldn't hear me.