By Marcos Vives Del Sol

While the Genesis uses a multiplexed parallel protocol, many Famiclones still use the standard NES serial protocol, but shaped as a DE-9 because they’re cheaper to produce.

Thus, it is still possible to use NES official controllers by using an NES-to-DE9 adapter. It is just an NES 7-pin female socket (from another NES, or from Propeller, an electronics producer which makes NES sockets for a DIY console they created) and a DE-9 male plug (for example, from a Genesis game pad).

Here’s also the pinout of the Famiclone DE-9 and the original NES controller:

Name | DE-9 | NES | Description
D4          1           5         Zapper’s trigger
D0          2           4         Button data output
LD          3           3         Stores current pressed buttons on the shift register
CLK        4           2         Requests next button data bit
D3          5           6         Zapper’s light sensor
VCC       6+7        7        +5V, used to power the circuitry inside the device
GND      8+9        1         Ground

I have used it successfully with five different Famiclones.