"Get totally twisted! Let's see your freestyle."

Freestyle Controls:
-Use the Control Pad to skate up and down the ramp.
-Press A to boost your speed.

Aerial 0-2 Just skate upward; no additional button pushes required
Ollie 1-2 Gain speed while in the air and move in the opposite direction to start spinning
720 Ollie 2 Same as ollie; spin fast and furious
Foot Plant 1 Press forward on the ledge
Hand Plant 2 On the top ledge, press down on the Control Pad and A
Rail Grind 1 Footplant and move up or down
"No Hands" Ollie 1-2 Press up on the Control Pad and A while beginning an ollie

Forget about all of the other events; Freestyle rules Skate or Die.

You are given 10 "passes" to skate up the ramp's sides. Your skating goal is clear: Perform mad tricks to score mad points.


Mike - 9150 pts