"Forget peace and love, man! This is SKATE OR DIE!"

Joust Controls:
-Press up on the Control Pad to grind the pool.
-Press A when you are near your opponent to knock him off.

Joust can be a frustrating mini-game. The first screen has you choose your opponent, Poseur Pete, Aggro Eddie, or Lester.

The general gist of Joust is that you have five seconds to knock your opponent off his board with a bopper. If you fail to hit him after five seconds, the bopper goes to your opponent for five seconds, and he will then come after you.

My strategy is basic: When you have the bopper, slow down your skating and mash the A button. Try to cover all possible ground. It's best to sneak up on your target from behind.

If you are being pursued, take advantage of the side pool rails to grind, which will waste a second or two.

Winning Joust comes down to patience, grinding, sneaking, and a lot of luck.