Spotlight: The Man Behind Captain Nintendo

“You can call him Captain.” In this exclusive nine-chapter memoir, a former editor of Nintendo Power, and the creator of Captain Nintendo, tells intimate stories about his time at Nintendo of America.

Spotlight: Fungus Among Us: Super Mario Bros. Movie Memorabilia Saved from the Set

Read about a few movie props that were saved after filming wrapped, including Dennis Hopper’s King Koopa snakeskin jacket, a pre-production Goomba maquette, and a screen-matched Bob-omb.

Spotlight: Nintendo World Championships

In 1990, Nintendo embarked on an epic road tip across the continental U.S. to find the greatest Nintendo player. Similar video gaming challenges would later follow, but none have managed to match the amount of brouhaha and hype of the Nintendo World Championships. It was, in many ways, the video game competition to end all others.

Spotlight: Nintendo World Class Service

A look at Nintendo’s NES Test Station, Super NES Control Deck Tester, and various test/burn-in cartridges.

Spotlight: Intro to Protos

An introductory guide on how to find and back up Nintendo Entertainment System video game prototypes.

Spotlight: No Grade: An Investigation into the Video Game Authority

Recently, I was asked to become an outside prototype contact for a grading and authentication company called the Video Game Authority. This admittedly unexpected offer inspired me to begin a serious investigation that led me to study the company’s history, operations, promises, and policies in order to get a better sense of its corporate identity and verification methods.

Spotlight: Battered and Fried: The Man-Eating Monstrosity Dominating Nintendo 64 Preservation

A chronicle of one man’s grueling journey to digitally preserve a couple of Nintendo 64 prototypes.

Ephemera: Nintendo Retail Store Training Module

This Nintendo Retail Store Training Module was given to a game store by Michael Palazzo, a Nintendo of America retail representative, during the last days of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994.

Ephemera: Nintendo Product Guide

This Nintendo Product Guide was given to a game store by Nintendo of America right before the release of the GameCube.

Human Interest Story: Taboo Fortune

Come investigate the haunting stories surrounding Rare’s fortune-telling Nintendo game, Taboo: The Sixth Sense.

Human Interest Story: The Tale of the Possessed NES

Submitted for the approval of the Nintendo Society, I call this story… “The Tale of the Possessed NES.”

Humor: Flash Games and Movies

Play games, watch movies, or prank call Grandma with a Bob Hoskins soundboard.